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Soward Academy – International Primary School – a symbol of the education of the future for true leaders of the 21st century.

It was founded on the belief that the Child has a powerful, brilliant mind and its possibilities are endless. He has talents, passions and abilities. They could be whoever they want. His brilliant inventions can revolutionize the world. His relationships can bring people happiness. His life may be complete, the world may be favorable to him. His work can make him feel meaningful.

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In the face of digitization, automation, the Internet and artificial intelligence, thinking about the future of our children should be changed.

Learning key competences is a guarantee that your child will find himself in the changing reality. Researchers say the most important thing parents should do nowadays is support and develop their children’s key competences. Classes at Soward Academy care for state-of-the-art competences that will make your child’s future as safe as possible. Your Child will be ready for a world of new possibilities.

For the sake of the child, we work to discover and properly use his talents and passions. To make his world better. Everything we do is educating a generation of self-conscious young people, convinced of the limitless possibilities of a brilliant mind. We believe that a Child deserves that, as a self-aware adult, it takes its rightful place in the global world, making full use of its intellect, creativity, intuition, talents and passions.

Soward Academy was established to fill the gap in the Polish educational system. We are pioneers driven by our belief in the power of a child’s genius mind.

Innovators in the use of the power of the human brain. Soward is the answer to the question about effective education. A unique school programme founded on 4 grounds:

¾   an extensive English language teaching program, based on the concept of bilingualism,

¾   international child cognitive development programs,

¾   social competencies (life skills) programs,

¾   sports program based on the Japanese philosophy of aikido and karate.

Soward Academy teaches how to function in a world full of unknowns, where one thing is certain: the most important will be: effective education, excellent English language skills and social skills, such as: creativity, mindfulness, self-esteem, assertiveness, social intelligence, emotional management, entrepreneurship and mental resilience . Today it is difficult to say in which professions our children will work, because some of the professions of the future have not yet been named. That is why it is so important to equip the child with the appropriate set of competences that will allow him to find himself perfectly in all circumstances. We teach what is most important, timeless and always needed. It is the so-called soft skills that help children cope with failures better, have more motivation to learn, are able to solve conflicts in a group or show their feelings so as not to hurt anyone.


Soward Academy is a school with unique selection of extracurricular activities, very good school infrastructure and excellent, dedicated teachers. It is within the walls of our school that you will meet the winners of the most prestigious awards: both scientific and sports. Maja – a student of Soward became the best humanist in Poland, Roksana, Julia, Weronika received the President of the City Award for outstanding achievements, Matylda won the Polish golf championship, and Gabrysia became the best youth badminton player and Grzegorz is the national champion in karate. Every year, the Sowardians take the highest national positions in subject competitions. It is Soward Academy, like no other school, that allows you to use and develop your child’s potential.

We, Julia’s parents, know very well how important it is to choose a good school for a child – a space of modern education and modern upbringing.

Institution with a high level of education. A school that is a symbol of the education of the future: one that will lay the foundation for learning and every life skill. Soward Academy is the result of our 25 years of interests and research: both as academic teachers in the field of bilingual education in the field of English, early childhood education and effective development of the potential of the youngest and neurodidactics, as well as parents . The result of the experiences and dreams of the best possible school for our children.

We created the Soward Academy, which stands out for its unique approach to discovering and supporting talents. Here your child is constantly surrounded by ambitious, creative, inspiring and curious people. Only here we develop and strengthen the best sides of your child’s personality. We believe that this is the foundation for success in life and that it opens a window to a world of unlimited possibilities.

We meet the expectations of children and parents about an elite school, with an innovative, original program, educational and sports successes on a national and international scale. Our most important advantages are:

¾   high results of external examinations, competitions and subject olympics,

¾   teaching English based on the concept of bilingualism – the purpose of which to educate the child in bilingualism and practical knowledge of English used at work,

¾   The Cambridge Curriculum Exams

¾   an international team of teachers

¾   3 foreign languages

¾   Brainy Sensory Enhancement international program of enhancing the senses, mental potential and mindfulness for children. A method of discovering the brilliant mind of a Child. The program strengthens the cognitive and executive functions of the brain, supports the development of multiple intelligences and innate talents of the child. Soward is the owner of this program.

¾   training of concentration and focus, mental math and very fast counting for children by Braina Abacus – mathematics of the future. Brain training as a result of which its executive functions are strengthened, logical thinking training, memory, concentration and focus training. We have evidence from several hundred schools that, as a result, a child after 2 years will love math and mathematics will not be difficult for him. We teach mathematics of the future to prepare students for life in an ever-changing world.

¾   The School of Social Competence Masters- a place of unlimited development of a child’s social potential.

¾   design and 3D printing classes for children – development of spatial imagination and digital competences

¾   educating the character and body through sport – we have our own Soward Martial Arts Center – children gain youth ranks and belts.

¾   School Tutoring supporting the student in individual development, in line with his talents, interests and possibilities through

¾   original educational programs, interest clubs and volunteer programs, shaping an open, tolerant attitude

¾   own school infrastructure at the highest level

¾   Soward Smart Kids has a rich program of extracurricular activities, supporting the talents and passions of students

¾   language camps in Poland and abroad,

¾   summer schools and day camps for Soward students

¾   world-class technological solutions that we successfully used during the pandemic

o   online learning

o   3D programming

o   Robotics

We are supported by the strength of the SOWARD Educational Group – a symbol of the education of the future.

Our scientific partners are: Częstochowa University of Technology, Pedagogical University, Humanitas University in Sosnowiec, WSB in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Brainy Polska, Soward Educational Group, Brain Child Learning from India, Aloha India.

We carry out many innovative research and teaching projects in the field of teaching English, bilingualism and neuroeducation. We have become one of the most important educational, cultural and scientific centers in Poland and in the region where the dreams of their parents’ children about a good school come true.

Joining the group of Soward Academy students means not only wisdom and cleverness, openness to novelties and innovations, but also the ability to work hard, willingness to sacrifice and commitment. The fact that it is worth it is proved by our successes.


We have been successfully cooperating with the City Hall of Częstochowa for years, supporting initiatives important for the community: „On the trail of prejudices”, „Sure, Santa Claus”, „New Backpack for the New School Year”, Częstochowa Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Finale, „One Billion Rising” „Light up Blue for Autism ”,“ Aleje Here Happens ”.


We are the organizer of the Up! Festival under the patronage of the President of the City – the only festival of science, culture and literature for children in Silesia.

We promote tolerant patriotism and respect for the small Motherland through innovative educational projects in the form of city happenings, such as: „Historical Night”, „Wieczornica”, „European Languages Day”. We initiated the innovative project „Meet the Master”, under which the Sowardians had an unusual opportunity to meet, among others, Ombudsman for Children – Mr. Marek Michalak, Professor Michał Rusinek – an outstanding poet and assistant to the Nobel Prize winner, an outstanding teacher Dorota Zawadzka, writer, poet, screenwriter – Cezary Harasimowicz, actress Monika Mrozowska and a group of outstanding sportsmen: Andrzej Gołota, Michał Bąkiewicz, Olimpijko Ewa.

We constantly cooperate with national and local media (TVN, TVP, Gazeta Wyborcza, Radio Zagłębie, Dzieci w Częstochowa, RMF MAXX, Radio Jura), contributing to shaping the image of Częstochowa as a city open to dialogue with culture and science.



We are ambassadors of Częstochowa culture and sport. As part of the above project, we cooperate with: Małgorzata Iżyńska, Anna Jarosik, Sylwia Warmus, Agata and Adam Hutyrowie, Adam Łoniewski, Michał Bąkiewicz, Radek Panas.

We are a model school of the Brainy method – Brain Power Program, Brainy Abacus and Soward Skills. It is here that the owners of educational institutions from all over Poland come to learn, experience, inspire and motivate.

We are the largest non-public primary school in Częstochowa and probably throughout Silesia. Not only the inhabitants of our city recruit here, but also the closer and more distant surroundings: Myszków, Żarki, Olsztyn, Blachownia, Opatów and Kłobuck. This is a great source of pride for us.

Bilingualism at Soward Academy is about learning utility English in a natural way, through fun, games and techniques appropriate to the age of the child. Gamification in the process of English language education is a novelty for our times! It is a practical language that allows students to communicate with another user from the very first moment. The program is structured in such a way that the student learns the theoretical aspects of the language during the lessons and practiced practical skills on wheels, thematic workshops, additional classes. Such a distributed program means that the child learns in a natural way and through play, does not feel bored or exhausted with the language.

Bilingual education – CLIL – is a modern and innovative form of teaching a foreign language, gaining more and more recognition among European Union countries. The name CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is derived from English and stands for CLIL. CLIL consists in teaching individual subjects both in the mother tongue and in a foreign language and striving to use two languages freely in speech and writing: the mother tongue and the foreign language at the same level. To successfully compete in the global labor market, our children need to learn the language at the level of a native speaker. We believe that the employee of the future will be evaluated on the basis of knowledge of a specialist language (business, medical, legal etc.). General English alone will not be enough.

We have created Soward Academy with Julia and for her in mind. This is our baby. We take care of it, we feel responsible for it, we are proud of it. We want her to know English very well, to be brave and creative, to live in a sense of happiness and self-worth, to be aware of individual talents as well as the meaning and purpose in life. Now we invite your children to Akademia Soward.

We will do everything to make them grow with us into true leaders of the 21st century.


Founders: mgr Dorota Wosińska, dr Cezary Wosiński

Mistrz (z) Sowardu!


Karol Trzepizór

First Place in Taekwon-do Mazovia Masters Cup!

Matylda Krawczyńska

Polish National Golf Team representative

Egzamin ósmoklasisty

Best in Czestochowa in the finals

Osiągnięcia klasy VIII

Najlepsze wyniki na konkursach i z egzaminów

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Co mówią rodzice?

Akademię Soward cenię przede wszystkim za to, że moje dziecko uwielbia tę szkołę. Myślę, że to jest chyba najważniejszy wyznacznik. Ale jako rodzic dla mnie jest najważniejsze to, że w szkole udało połączyć się takie dwie sfery. Z jednej strony dobry poziom nauczania z nauczaniem języków i też dbanie o dyscyplinę w pozytywnym aspekcie.

Mój syn chodził przez rok do publicznej szkoły i teraz nie zamieniłabym Akademii Soward na żadną inną szkołę. W ogóle nie ma porównania. Klasy są na tyle małe, że każdy nauczyciel może podejść do każdego dziecka. Szkoła ma naprawdę dużo dodatkowych zajęć. Poza tym w szkole jest dobre jedzenie, jak mój syn jest totalnym niejadkiem tak w szkole zjada wszystko.


ul. Legionów 23
42-202 Częstochowa

+48 697 880 200

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